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RANS Coyote II S-6S (Super Six) Kit Build Project     $43,290.00 CA    $32,890.00 US
S-6S Pic.jpg
S-6S Picture_edited.jpg

We are the dealer for RANS aircraft and I have a partially assembled RANS Coyote II S-6S (Super Six) on tricycle gear that is available for sale. The aircraft was assembled by an AME as an Amateur Built Aircraft and has completed the MDRA’s pre-cover inspection. It is now ready for the fabric covering, paint and final assembly including engine installation, windows, instruments, and then the MDRA’s final inspection for a C of R.  


Options included are;

  • Firewall forward kit for Rotax 912 ULS, 100 HP engine (does not include assembled oil lines or prefabricated battery, starter and ground cables). Assembly materials are included.

  • Propeller mounting kit complete with Sensenich two blade propeller.

  • Wheel pants and mounting kit.

  • Nose gear disconnect with shimmy dampener.

  • Head rests.

  • Aft cabin baggage compartment.

  • Heated Pitot mount installed in wing.

  • Aluminum fuel lines and fittings.

  • Aluminum wing skins flush riveted.        


Install a Rotax engine and avionics to complete the project. The engine is available from Rotax Canada located in Vernon, BC. Dynon avionics are recommended.

Owner unable to complete due to failing health.

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