RANS Coyote II S-6S (Super Six) Kit Build Project     $48,650.00 CDN.
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We are the dealer for RANS aircraft and I have a partially assembled Advanced Ultra-light RANS Coyote II S-6S (Super Six) on tricycle gear that is available for sale. The aircraft was assembled by an AME as an Amateur Built Aircraft and has completed the MDRA’s pre-cover inspection. It is now ready for the fabric covering, paint and final assembly including engine installation, windows, instruments, and then the MDRA’s final inspection for a C of R.  


Options included are;

  • Firewall forward kit for Rotax 912 ULS, 100 HP engine (does not include pre-assembled oil lines or pre-fabricated battery, starter and ground cables). Assembly materials are included.

  • Propeller mounting kit complete with Sensenich two blade propeller.

  • Radiant cabin heat kit.

  • Gascolator kit.

  • Wheel pants and mounting kit.

  • Nose gear disconnect with shimmy dampener.

  • Head rests.

  • Aft cabin baggage compartment.

  • Heated Pitot mount installed in wing.

  • Aluminum fuel lines and fittings.

  • Aluminum wing skins flush riveted.        


Install a Rotax engine and avionics to complete the project. The engine is available from Rotax Canada located in Vernon, BC. Dynon avionics are recommended.

Note: Private sale (no taxes added). Owner unable to complete due to failing health.